Understanding Digital Marketing?

The early bird catches the worm. It simply means the person who takes the earliest opportunity to do something gains advantage over others.

Growing up as a youngster for some strange reason I still remember family parties like it was yesterday. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the mid 80’s where everything seemed colourful.

Parties were as colourful as the rainbow, musicians even emulated this by rocking bright multicoloured spandex, hoop style earrings and loud makeup just to say the least.

But there was something more striking that I could never seem to forget. My cousin Alfred.

He always showed up late for family functions and then complained to everyone that the food and drink were never enough and then finally complained on never winning a single prize whenever games like musical chairs or pass the parcel where played.

Why was that Alfred? Before he could respond, someone shouts out “The early bird catches the worm Al!”

If Alfred had showed up earlier or on time, chances were he could have participated in games and possibly won prizes.

Most businesses today have long ditched the old way of marketing “traditional marketing” consisting of billboards, cold calling etc to a more viable way of marketing, Digital Marketing to be precise.

Why is this? Because digital marketing produce results traditional marketing can never achieve such as which adverts were most popular with your target audience and which drove the most conversions.

Businesses using digital marketing can be sure there reaching their intended audience. Search Engine Optimisation also known as SEO ensures you reach consumers who are searching for content and subjects that are applicable to your business. Which then results in more customers and more sales.

So, when I think of businesses taking this approach it reminds me of my relatives attending family functions on time, participating in games and winning prizes. There’s so much rewards to gain with digital marketing. Choosing to switch from traditional to digital marketing sooner rather than later gives you the opportunity to be found by online prospects searching for your products and services. Business owners using traditional marketing can be seen as cousin Alfred missing out on every big opportunity that digital technology provides.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing means promoting products and services using digital technologies, mainly the internet.

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